Wednesday, January 30, 2008

playing with actions

This is an old picture from Rebecca and Jeremy's wedding, but still fun to play with

Image originale:

Option 1, lots of color:

option 2 makes me miss the darkroom;

option 3 is a bit more abstract, but i think it looks mod as hell


Erin said...

You shouldn't miss the darkroom... you should just set one up with all of your equipment in your basement! And then invite me over to use it... :)

Anonymous said...

I second that motion. Darkroom in Kate's basement, I'll even bring wine refreshments. :-)


erin johnson photography said...

Hey Kate,

this is erin, you posted on my blog today about the workshop so I thought I would check out yours. I really like this last photo of the soda cans. Great work and I hope you get the house.

cheers, erin