Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The crimson deer

AKA, The Red Stag

This restaurant has been open over a year now, and it continues to be my mainstay when looking for a good meal. I love trying new restaurants, don't get me wrong, but sometimes you're on your way home, and you remember "shit! I have no idea what to do for dinner!" and there is the Red Stag, sitting a mere 2 miles from your house, waiting for you to come in and sit in its charming and cozy dining room. That didn't exactly happen to us tonight. I actually had to go there to buy a gift card for a co-worker as a favor (who was consequentially giving it to another co-worker) and Kyle and I had just dropped of his application for the initial licensure program at the U for his teaching credentials at the post office. We deemed this a reason to celebrate. So we did, at 3pm, by getting a glass of house red for me, and a Macallan 18yr for Kyle (okay, Kyle was celebrating, I was along for the ride). No one else aside from workers were in the joint, and there was mild construction going down, meaning there was a ladder and a guy scraping something off of the privacy screen that keeps the people sitting near the door from experiencing a 15 degree draft when the door opens. The day manager made some conversation with us, and we had a great time. I pulled out my wallet and BAM, she offered to by us a round. I find free things hard to turn down, especially when it involves anything food or alcohol (or clothing for that matter). So we had another (this time I opted for the Cab-Merlot on the menu, and Kyle had a glass of Brut Rose) and THEN they brought out truffle kettle corn. Kill me. I love truffles. It was so incredibly good. God do I wish the essence of truffle was on everything. EVERYTHING. The 2nd wine was good (though I may have actually preferred the first, as the 2nd was filled with sour cherry flavor ). And then we left. What a great afternoon!

And since I wasn't photographing the experience, let's travel back in time to Thanksgiving.
This is Darrien, and who unknowingly, is about to have his first encounter with the ole "whipped cream in the mouth" family tradition; best. mom. ever!


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