Monday, July 20, 2009


It's time once again for me to shout the praises of Marx foods. No, they don't pay me money to say nice things about them or use their products, but they DO send me sample. If you're a blogger they'll send you samples too, with the simple request that you blog about whatever it is they send you. Right now they are giving away some dried mushrooms for you to review AND today is the last day to enter the 10# kobe burger give away.

I still have a line up of things from Marxfoods I need to try out (they've been MORE than generous) but I realized I never posted anything about the lastest item to arrive on my door step, ec0-friendly palm leaf plates. We've had a crazy busy summer and haven't really had anyone over for a barbeque (epic fail). I've been I'm eating on the run more than I'd ever care to admit (I think Slow Food would disapprove) but this is a great alternative to using another paper towel, and a good way to avoid finding fiestaware in your car. Breakfast sandwiches are my in-car meal of choice


And when you're done, you throw it in your compost bin and poof, zero impact disposable dishes! We'll be ordering a plethora of these for the upcoming Sommers' Summer's Over 1st Annual Pig Roast at the end of August (details to be announced soon). All of the fabulous folks at Marxfoods are invited!

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Cafe Cyan said...

Thanks for the tip about Marx Foods, Kate. I appreciate it and zoomed over to their site to request the mushrooms.