Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sam: Reigning Omnivore of the Week Champion

Well, this week there were 3 contenders for omnivore of the week:

Last weeks champion, Sam:

W/E 08/23/09

(How cute is that tongue? Even if it's blurry. Don't judge me)

Rose stepped up to the plate

W/E 08/23/09

but then Sam butted in and scared Rose away (she's a very very strange cat. Not skiddish, but mayyyybe just a little inbred)

W/E 08/23/09

If we were similar in size and I saw this guy wanting to munch on my dinner? I guess I'd run away too.

Tallulah thought about it, for approximately 1/100th of a second

W/E 08/23/09

but the king reigns supreme:

W/E 08/23/09

You can even see Tallulah's tail as she walks away from the King eating his dinner

Next week we'll find out if Sam likes anything besides Kale.

Tomorrow, a really cute inch worm and some pretty soup.

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