Sunday, April 13, 2008


Actions seem to be everywhere these days... at least in my photography blogosphere. When dealing with 100s (or god help me 1000s) of wedding pictures, actions can come in REALLY handy when editing pictures. Ree at The Pioneer Woman has made some FREE actions available for download that anyone can use to tweek their pictures into something even more wonderful than it already was, and even make a crappy picture come to life. This was just a crappy snapshot (can you take a snapshot on a d200? i think so) that I think really looks much nicer after using a couple of Ree's actions.

PS- Ree paired up with the folks at Totally Rad Actions to make these.... which is awesome as I love TRA, but have been jones-ing for a sharpening action. Thanks Ree!


erin johnson photography said...

I would love to see the before shoot.


erin johnson photography said...

I posted my workshop! check it out.

thanks, erin