Sunday, May 11, 2008

Workshop, Day One

My granddad was was a builder. He was always building something, and I fondly remember when he was proud of me as a 12 year old when I opened the package he sent me that was sealed in a laminate box secured with screws. His full name was Issac Edwin Newberry Jr. (my family is full of long names), but went by Ed, or more affectionately Eddie. I was in his workshop taking pictures when Kyle pointed out this little spot that had the family "N" and his name printed out. I think it's a good intro to my week of pictures dedicated to him, which I also think would make him proud. Being more mechanically inclined than design, I think it's his influence that attracted me to photography to begin with. My mom and I are the first to admit our lack of design ability, but we easily see things in a technical way makes sense. I understand how photography works, which is why I use it as my artistic medium.

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