Saturday, April 25, 2009

New digs

Yesterday I decided it was time to upgrade my gear... so I had a D700 overnighted to me


and then I went and shot the tree in our back yard. I'm sure I'll be going on a walk later today.

I'm soooo excited


andrea said...

Okay congrats on the sweet new camera. Ugh, I am SO in need of an upgrade. The problem is, I also need to archive my computer before it blows up.

Anyway, here is the "smitten" blog. Its called Cup of Jo and I swear I can just get lost in it down a rabbit hole sometimes. Everything is so great and just perfect little snippets. I even had to scroll down through days and days of old posts!


And here's how I found the blog - my friend sent me this link for an idea for her wedding. It IS truly genius!

De Nueva said...

Jealous!! Enjoy your awesome new camera!