Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two birds, one stone: Part 2

I just remembered I hadn't yet blogged about my rabbit experience. I have never been squeamish about eating rabbit (aside from when I was 12 and a vegetarian. Foolish child) and ate it all the time when living in Italy. They actually served ragu alle coniglie at the university cafeteria. I think UDS has something to learn from the Italians. But having never prepared the little guys myself I figured it would be a good learning experience. At first I thought we might roast a whole rabbit, as I know I've seen them available at Holy Land but we are terrible at eating leftovers and a whole rabbit would surely result in leftovers. I found frozen rabbit thighs at The Wedge and decided it would be the best to make a smaller meal


I was mostly inspired by this recipe though we used celeriac instead of the potatoes (and thus omitted the celery) , marjoram instead of thyme and used less of everything else since the recipe called for a whole rabbit.


Sometimes accidental photographs turn out cool looking

Preparing rabbit isn't unlike preparing any other small animal (ie, chicken). I'm guessing you could pretty much replace any chicken recipe with rabbit and be equally satisfied. Unless you overcook it. Then you'll have a nice piece of leather to choke down.

Other big news from the Sommers' kitchen:

Notice that this stove is not almond colored! In fact, it is a beautiful stainless steel! We're in the process of removing all things almond from the family kitchen, unless it is in the form of food.

Mmm, I love all things pickled... as long as they are vegetable based (eggs are a rare exception to this rule)

Kyle squashing the olives



Final product:

All in all this was a good meal though I'm not sure the price point would encourage me to make rabbit again anytime soon. It was fun addition to repertoire anyway.

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Pam said...

Love your new stove! I don't think we ever fed you rabbit when you were growing up, at least not when you had a pet one. Maybe the rabbit would be cheaper if you bought it directly from the supplier in Menomonie, or you could buy a whole one from Holy Land and freeze half for later...