Monday, November 23, 2009

Its time again to vote!

I was SO busy last week. In addition to putting in my normal 40 hours at my day job I launched my new photography website, KNG Sommers Photography.

I also had fun on shooting at the farms of 1000 Hills beef cattle (article to be released on Simple Good and Tasty soon). I

Then shot, edited and wrote about the canning of 21st Amendments new beer Monk's Blood for the Heavy Table

Finally, I met my deadline for submitting my photo for the Marxfoods Vanilla Bean Contest. I know you feel compelled to vote for my pretty picture!


Today I brought a can of Brown Bread because it looked too terrifying to NOT try it. I plan on preparing it in all of the recommended ways listed on the can. Baking, toasting microwaving and slathered with cream cheese. Since the purchase I've been warned the stuff is awful, and this may actually be the end to my Cream Cheese Challenge

If all goes well, I'll be inviting you all to follow me over to my new domain name by the end of this week! I'm stunned that I got the domain name I wanted, and can't wait to bring my blogging to the next level (whatever the hell THAT means)!

In summary, be sure to check out my new photography website (and subscribe to the blog while you're at it) and vote for Kate Sommers at Marx Foods!


amar said...

sangat bermanfaat sekali gaan, makasih yaa :)

ramdan said...

informasi yang oke sobat,,,,, (y)

otam said...

thanks for share.. :)

kulit belang said...

nice post (y)

ginjal bengkak said...

artikenya bermanfaat sangat bro ;)

luka diabetes said...

thank you brother, artikelnya verry good, hehe,,,,

migrain said...

info yang keren gaan,,
salam kenal yaa,,,, :)