Saturday, July 5, 2008


The worst part of having people over is the prep... trying desperately to ge your house clean and food made as people begin arriving... a GREAT benefit though, is to clean your whole house (save a few closets that are hiding a vast majority of our junk) and then have people over OUTSIDE! We did end up going to fireworks and I was all jazzed up to take awesome pictures with my ridiculous 150-500 (let me know if you're interested in purchasing it... I promise I'll give you a good deal!) and brought the tripod and all... then realized I didn't bring my tripod clip which renders my tripod completely useless. Oh well. I did snap one of the diddly little fireworks they were shooting off over in columbia heights... without a tripod. It's a pretty lame excuse for a firework shot. Maybe at the aquatennial show... dud

some of my favorite people came

fun on the tire swing


Look at that dirty face! I had to post this one just for Logan, even if he's a little blurry. He asked to see this picture after I took it and said in the most loquacious 3 year old way "I like it!"

Even the "vegetarians" couldn't stay away from the hot dogs


oops, she caught me :)


And the Fietzer's came back from their month long honeymoon.

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