Thursday, July 17, 2008

Long time

Sorry loyal readers, for the lack of posting. I've been a tad bit busy. Last Sun-Tues I was in Chicago, then work, a weekend of catching up on other boring things, and finally a road trip to Milwaukee and back within 36 hours. Tomorrow, road trip pictures but for today, last Friday's crazy storm from the front porch, a demo of my new lens, and the beginning of the load trip

This is really the color of the sky last Friday. I love storms, and I REALLY love them from the comfort of my front porch and my 75% off Target wicker furniture


I bought this guy at TJ's about a year ago. Somehow it survived my indoor plant black thumb (my outdoor plants look awesome, but that's another blog post). I've decided succulents are great. I'm really happy with the new lens. It's fast, sharp and not too heavy.


Kyle: When did you take that picture?
Kate: When you were driving.
Kyle: Yesterday?
Kate: Yep.
Kyle: My beard looks great.
Kate: Right. I'll blog about that
Kyle: Yeah, blog about that... that'd be pretty funny.

Done and done


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