Friday, July 18, 2008

Road trip

Being from Milwaukee and having gone to the UofM, I have spent many hours of my life on I-94 traveling between here and there. My parents moved to Texas between my sophomore and junior years at the U, so my trips down became far less frequent. In fact, I think it's been about 2 years since I last made the trip. But my good friend's parents have ALSO decided to relocate to the south (I think this is something people do when they are older) though they are moving to North Carolina rather than Texas. Anyway, for prior to their move, they decided to fly Courtney, her husband Andy, and their 6-month old baby Madeline to Tosa for a final stay at the house. I spent many great days at nights at that house, and it was sad to know I spent my last night there on Thursday. Pictures of Maddie to come on the red apple blog today or tomorrow. Now, on to the sights!

I have no idea how long these signs have been up, and I have no idea what "Wisconsin Fun" entails. Usually it means some racist tchotchkes of native americans like this
and of course, some good squeaky fresh curd
(we bought a variety bag at Humbird in Tomah... you have to ASK for the freshest curd, and they'll grab you a bag of squeaky goodness out of the back). We didn't stop to find out.

Once we got to Milwaukee we had some time to kill as Courtney was getting a massage. So we went to where all people need to go at least once


Yes, the Miller Brewery tour. I've been numerous times, but only one other time while old enough to enjoy the benefits of the free tour, 3 free beers!

It was about 95 degrees when we got there, but this part was air conditioned.


Fortunately, Summer Shanty was not one of the drinks available on the tour, or I may have been tempted to try it, and I'm sure it's awful

This part was NOT air conditioned. In fact, after we climbed 4 (or was it 6?) stories to the top of the brew house in about 120F conditions the 95 degree air that was coming through the windows felt awesome. I didn't take a picture of the thermometer and should have. It was really flipping hot.


I finally found a building that's older than our house :) I always think it's interesting how they have to build "crooked" structures on hilly streets

Enjoying our first of 3 beers


I guess Kyle doesn't love me sticking my camera in his face ALL the time

That's right folks, I come close to making even the nicest cameras overexpose my skin. I'm that white. And being it was a roadtrip, makeup-less. VERY pretty.

Some "classic" Milwaukee stained glass

I'd like to be this guy's friend. I mean, the basket is one thing, the mode in which he is obviously downing that beer as fast as possible is another, but two hiding in the front of his apron? and one in his cloak? Love him!



Pam said...

When did they start making Leinie's at Miller? And we didn't move to Texas because are old; we moved here so we could make lots of money and retire comfortably and help our kids out when they need it.

Erin said...

WHAT?! I thought Leinie's was brewed by 73 people who care! I feel almost as disappointed as the day I learned that Blue Moon was brewed by Coors ;)