Saturday, October 25, 2008

I <3 Maple Grove... for so many reasons!

Today I was informed by a customer that depending on who we elect as president, we may all only be able to buy ONE type of cookie in a few months due to socialist behavior.


HOLY SHIT! What do you think the CRAZY "socialists" would choose?

Some Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies? You know Italians have a history of socialism!

Does Baklava count? Many russians buy baklava, and we know all about their past!

Maybe those Dutch Caramel Wafers? I hear college is free in the Netherlands! I can't decide!!!

I've just changed my mind about McCain. I love having cookie options and I'm not sure that I will have all the same options to buy cookies of Obama is president.

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Erin said...

Kate, thank you SO much for sharing your new found cookie knowledge with all of us. I will have to ponder this in the next 10 days before I make my decision. I'm not really a fan of sweets so as long as the socialists don't take away my chip options, I think I'm ok.