Friday, November 21, 2008

Blog tour

Kate's response to Erin's Culinary Blog Tour


Breakfast at the Egg and I, Uptown location... just because I prefer the atmosphere. Bring your bike and hop on the greenway for a quick ride around the lakes.

Lunch at Kramarczuk's. Try the Ukranian borscht, and head over to St Anthony Main. Walk across the bridge, check out the Guthrie.

Chef's tasting menu with wine pairing for dinner at La Belle Vie. I find 8pm reservations best for a truely empty and hungry stomach


Brunch at The Red Stag Supper Club. I vote for the Chicken Fried Steak. Their inclusion of breakfast inspired amuse bouche gets me every time. They have strong delicious coffee, a great array of recovery drinks from your night before meal at La Belle Vie, and they're LEED certified. Loves it!

$2 apps-taps-and house wine at Figlios. Not my favorite place in town, but definitely my favorite happy hour (if only it weren't in uptown) you'll need something to sustain you before dinner.

Check out the Sculpture Garden, and then hop over to downtown St Paul. Grab a beer flight at the new Lowertown Bulldog

Dinner at I Nonni. This is some of the best authentic Italian food I've ever had outside of Italy, hands down. Get the Carpaccio, it will change your life.


Breakfast at Hell's Kitchen. You pretty much can't go wrong with ANYTHING you order, but try the caramel pecan roll and Mahnomin porridge for true Minnesota fare

On your way back to the airport do a Lightrail pub crawl. There are a LOT of options for this one, but I recommend The Cardinal Bar, and The Fort Snelling club at minimum. Then grab some Walleye in the Airport while waiting for your flight back to whence you came!

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