Saturday, November 8, 2008


I love taking pictures of food. Love it. I've been doing it with meals I've made since... well High School I guess. When my parents went out of town once, we had a whole week of ethnic food. All I remember are Mexican and Japanese, but I feel like we must have made more. Mexican was at JT's house, and I remember someone trying to make fresh guacamole out of non-ripe avocadoes in the food processer. It was gross. Japanese was at my house and we made sushi, miso, sesame cucumber salad and tempura, all things most other 18 year olds in 1999 would have thought were gross. I've never lost the love I gained for sesame cucumbers that night.


Those pink things are re-usable baking "twine" my parents gave Kyle for Christmas last year. They are TOTALLY awesome. I love kitchen gadgets.

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Erin said...

those look like they were a lot better than the ones we tried to make a few weeks ago! The pink rope is freaking me out for some reason though...