Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My friend Melissa convinced me to do a photowalk with her downtown last Friday. I only say convinced because although we approach April rapidly, temperatures were not terribly cooperative. I don't even know where my gloves are because it was 66 degrees some weeks ago. We decided to go shoot people downtown, which is always an adventure.

People are so curious about people with cameras.
"Are you students?" "Ah, no, but I'm glad I still pass for one :)"

"Are you professionals?" "Umm..."
This is a weird question for me. People pay me to take photographs. I don't sell "prints" but I get paid. I guess that makes me a professional... but wait, I don't make a living off it... so semi-pro? Freelance? Adjunct? Is "kinda" an appropriate answer? Whatever.

We got some good shots and it was great to go out and see another persons vantage point of the place and people.

From my lens:

I couldn't help but add some grain to this image and make it black and white. It reminds me of the stuff I shot in high school on HP-5 Film(for better or for worse)

Oh! I forgot to mention I rented the 85mm 1.8 lens for the day. I was hoping to rent the 1.4 but I didn't think to reserve it. It's still a great lens that's incredibly sharp and fast. It's on my list of "things to buy" in 2009.

This guy thought my name was Karen. I said, nope, but can I take your picture? He said yes and this his how he posed. Bad ass.

And Melissa's shots:

Melissa is a big architecture shooter... she just couldn't help herself!

These two were super cute.

It was right around the time of this shot a security guard told us to stop shooting. I asked I we could get permission from mall management, so we went and laid on the charm. It totally worked! I've heard nothing but bad things about people trying to deal with the "mall management" when taking pictures, so this was a fun surprise.

This guy talked our ear off after she captured this shot.

Ahh, quintessential downtown shot.


Michael said...

Kate, these are great! I'm a fan of the one with the reverse KTIS bench and the yearbook photos on the meter box--very Wooster-y...I guess that is to say, street arty.

Kate said...

Thanks Michael. The KTIS bench is a reflection in a window with a painting behind the window... It was dumb luck I found the shot, but I was so excited about it. Also, I love wooster collective, due in great part to you sharing their awesome stuff on google reader.