Saturday, March 7, 2009

Restaurant Week: Cosmos

Erin invited Kyle and I to go out to dinner for the restaurant week extravaganza she and Ben were hoping to attend this year. Always in search of good food and good prices, we agreed to go to Cosmos, where neither of us would otherwise have many occasions for doling out the money for such a meal. It turned out to be an occasion anyway as Erin found out she got the job she's been waiting to be available for months, and we still doled out plenty of money as all good meals can use some spirit lubrication.


Kyle and I showed up about 10 minutes late. Our lack of working downtown often clouds our familiarity with it. I of course "knew" where I was going and we ended up at Chambers. Oops. When we got there Erin and Ben were already 1/2 way into celebratory cocktails


Kyle, never being one to not celebrate also toasted Erin with a Hendricks martini, up


The description of what was to be served on MSP magazines website did ZERO justice to the food offered last Wednesday night

This is what was listed on the MSPmag website:

Starter: Salad

Entrée: Ahi Tuna or Duck Breast

Dessert: Crème Brulee

Honestly, I thought it sounded boring and was concerned that the restaurant would take advantage of "restaurant week" by providing little creativity. I was happily mistaken


Photo courtesy of Erin

Ben studying the scotch options


Kyle and Ben decided they would partake in an after dinner scotch before bread was even put on the table. Boys...


I think we were a LITTLE out of place in cosmos, mostly that we aren't the scenster, quiet, moody crowd. We were there to have a good time, and I think our server appreciated it. Until I tried taking her picture. Then she covered my lens with her hand. She was still very good natured and I think enjoyed having us as a table.

amuse bouche #1


I think all restaurants that charge anything over $25 for an entree should provide you with amuse bouche. Its a very nice gesture from the kitchen, and often really helps whet the appetite.

The salad was great. I love arugula, pecans and pears, so you really can't go wrong. I did have them put by stilton on the side. I'm getting closer to appreciating blue cheese, but I'm stuck in the mud. It's a foodie hurdle I cannot clear, and it pains me several times a week.


Erin snapping photos for We Got Served


At some point I became slightly enthralled with the mirrors on the wall behind us. I love how different exposures, composition and a little editing can make the same pattern look totally different






Amuse bouche #2



Erin and I had the duck with the $8 supplementary foie gras. I was excited to have Erin try my favorite sin food of all time, not to mention have it myself for the 2nd time in a week. Thankfully I don't have a doctors appointment for a few months.



My entree was delicious. There was a good crust on the duck skin, it was perfectly cooked to rare, and the upscale potato latke with duck confit was a great addition texturally and flavorwise.

I can't give you a 1st hand account of the Tuna, but Kyle certainly seemed to enjoy it


9-layer chocolate cake

My creme brulee semi-freddo was delicious, and the honeywater on the berries was SO intensely flavored and beautiful. I forget sometimes how much I love the flavor of honey


All in all we had a great experience, though we spent a LOT of money. $30 a person is great until you add a couple glasses of wine, a martini and some scotch on the tab. I'm not sure if or when we'll be going back to Cosmos as I would prefer to go to Restaurant Alma or La Belle Vie if we're going to drop some serious cash on a dinner, but I'm definitely glad we went.


Erin said...

oooh, love your photos!! The mirror ones are awesome. I might have to steal a few of these photos for my post :)

Kate said...

Permission granted!