Monday, October 19, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

Kyle and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary this past weekend. Last year we took a little holiday to celebrate in Western Wisconsin, and were planning a similar concept until Kyle came up with the brilliant idea for us to stay at home and cook fabulous food all weekend with no distractions. So cook we did.

First, we studied

Kyle made bread

We had ravioli for lunch

None of those wonton wrappers for us! We DID live in Italy after all

I'm a little embarrassed about our non-fluted pastry cutter

But it did taste pretty damn good

What is romance without a steak dinner?

Kyle baked some more! This time, brioche

And then we made croque monsieur for breakfast

And because I'm me... some foie gras torchon, even though they weren't very pretty....

They tasted damn good with some truffle salt sprinkled on top

Things I didn't spend the time to take pictures of: the copious bottles of wine consumed, and two other lovely baking projects of Kyle's. Fortunetely, we still have all of the bottles and left overs of the other two projects, so I have more material to post this week (oh, plus the New York pictures, squash soup terrine, and numerous other files clogging up my hard drive).


Uncle Jeff said...

It all looks delicious....And Granddaddy would SO proud of Kyle's baking acumen!

Cafe Cyan said...

I love weekends like this and what a great way to spend your anniversary.

The bread looks fantastic. I'm jealous - my bread making skills are crap.

familyadventureguidebooks said...

You are the queen and king of all food geeks. Looks lucious.

Lynette said...

Totally inspiring. Thanks!