Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Week of Eating: NYC Day 1

The only significant meal I ate my 1st day in New York was at Jean George. I woke up incredibly early for my flight in, had breakfast at the airport around 5:45am central, and had 2:30 reservations at Jean George for lunch in NYC. After a very humid and warm trip from JFK to UWS (Yeah, for all of you non locals? uh, the Upper West Side, like, duh.) I was ready to be treated well. Jean George has a $30 lunch special: any two entrees for $30.

Jean Georges
Foie Gras Brulee with Pistachio and Dried Cherry

Jean Georges
Sautee of sweetbreads with arugula and pickled peaches

If you order Foie Gras and Sweetbreads and you order a glass of chardonnay you might as well just write "asshole" on your forehead. I ordered a lovely Alsatian Riesling to compliment my dishes. And dessert? Oh no... I'm sure I don't... what's that? you have a cheese CART?

Jean Georges

Done and Done. And a glass of Côtes du Rhône to compliment. Great. Thanks!

Jean Georges

My very reasonably priced meal all of a sudden became a $100 lunch for one (including tip, thank god).

Now I know what you're thinking. I took pictures in this place? Well I certainly wasn't going to, but then EVERYONE ELSE was. It turns out fabulous cameras are as common as hot dogs in NYC, so while I VERY quickly (and sneakily I might add) took the pictures of my entrees (I hadn't yet worked up the courage to shoot my lovely assortment of amuse bouche) I flat out said "screw it" when they wheeled out the cheese cart. It was gorgeous, and honestly? Everyone is a tourist.

My server was lovely. A Florida native (and FOUR years younger than me. What would I do if I had a gig like that at the age of 23? I'd think I was the shit. That's for sure) we chatted about the service industry for a while before he had to depart (oh wait, split shifts DO suck and I'm very happy to have bid "adieu" to waiting tables).

Oh and the food. Was. AMAZING. Just do yourself a favor, get a glass of ice water and enjoy this place for $30 next time you're in Manhattan.

But be aware. I made reservations 3 week in advance for lunch, and they only had an 11am and a 2:30, so it apparently fills up pretty quickly.


Laura. said...

that cheese cart IS gorgeous. and your post is high-larious. which makes me glad we are actually friends now (!), even though our palettes are from different planets.

Cafe Cyan said...

Nice! That cheese looks fabulous.

I've considered going back to serving because the cash sounds great, but I have to remember all those double shifts don't do me any favors in life.

Lynette said...

Beautiful food!

Annie said...

I love cheese almost as much as I love my husband... it's okay, my cheese affair started many years earlier than I met Aaron! :)