Monday, October 5, 2009

A sad day

When I read this morning that Gourmet was shutting down I could feel nothing but guilt.

This was a little unreasonable.

I did my part.

I paid for my Gourmet subscription (my first real adult subscription) and proudly keep every copy stored away in the bookcase in the living room.

I frequent almost daily (definitely weekly) and have the app on my iPhone.

But it just wasn't enough.

The true reason I feel guilty is that I blog about food. Along with thousands if not millions of other people around the world I, even in the tiniest part, participated in the killing of Gourmet Magazine. It is hard to deny that blogs haven't ruined print media and it will be sad to see an important institution go.

I can't think of one blog, amongst even the most prestigious of food blogs out there, that I would rather read than taking the time to flip through those gorgeous glossy pages, whose recipes I would trust enough to cook in my kitchen, or whose food photography could push my creative limits to a new dimension.

I'll miss you Gourmet.

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