Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cruise, part one

Well, I've been back for just over 2 days. I still have a little "sea leg" sydrome, which was probably exacerbated by the very bumpy, hot, and overall irritating flight from Houston to Minneapolis. Sometimes I love flying, sometimes I don't. Today was a don't.

So, CRUISE. I was feeling a little strange because I was wearing the patch which tricks those easily affect by motion sickness, to not feel sick. I am happy to report I did not even come close to puking once, and only left dinner early one day because of a little light headed-ness (I also blame the patch for this mostly). The boat is a big ass hotel-amusement park-mall, mansion. We didn't partake in any of the infamous activities aside from Trivia (we won Italian trivia, thank you very much). It all really kind of is jumbled together in my head, so I don't have a whole lot to report about the time on the boat itself. We managed to get free champagne one night, and got a few free drinks from friendly bartenders.

Our first (and sadly, only) excursion was snorkeling diving in Cozumel, Mexico. The seas were rough, so we were only in the water for about 30 minutes (it didn't help that the super crappy snorkeling gear they gave us allowed a whole lot of VERY salty water into our mouths while being tossed around by the ocean. Talk about not feeling good :P. After snorkelling we went back to the boat, cleaned up, and returned to the island for some drinks and food. We were pretty exhausted from our battle with the waves, so we didn't get a lot of exploring done beyond the very touristy port area. Fortunately, there was still some character to even the tourist traps.

Okay, this is actually our departure night... the Beautiful Port of Galveston

My manly husband decided he needed a pina colada to celebrate leaving the country.

Cozumel at sunrise

if you look at the full size of this, you may notice that this particular coastguard ship has accomplished 4 marijuana busts. They also had 10 other busts of some sort... I'm guessing illegal immigrants? I have no idea what they were doing in Cozumel. It's so nice to see taxpayers dollars at work regarding such big problems during an economic crisis (please note my dripping sarcasm).

Excuse me while I step off this damn soap box...


Okay, I'm a bad person. This woman was only here to make money by showing up and dancing in traditional garb so idiots like me could take pictures. I only had a fifty and no one would break it for me. By the time I did have change she was gone. Sorry pretty lady.





Poor, poor creature



See all these jerks? This picture was taken 10 minutes after "all-aboard". Some tool was actually 40 minutes late. I was secretly hoping they'd leave without him. Idiot.


This is is actually the morning we arrived in Grand Cayman... cruising to be continued next time here at Les Petites Images!

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De Nueva said...

Gorgeous colors. Also, I love the image of the guitarist playing for people getting back on the boat.