Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mind blown

I just saw this over at The Deets and knew I had to have it for myself.

This is what 4511 connections looks like

Holy shit. I can't believe how many high school friends I have (and how many of them are friends with each other). I guess I personally felt like there were distinct lines drawn between groups in my high school. But it looks like 9 years has made us all friends again. I am looking forward to seeing what our reunion is like next year.

I also really like my little shockmonkey's island. Wyatt was my boss as Tria 5 years ago (holy shit, I opened a restaurant 5 years ago) and I love all of the people I know because of that. Sadly, I only really know then via the internet, and my job restricts me from playing with the shock monkey's these days :(

Interestingly, while I made many subgroups of friends in college, it's a pretty weak constellation compared to high school. Granted, there are many connections between my high school connections, and my college ones, even though I think there were a grand total of 10 students from my graduation class that came up here. Someone I know from NSW (New Student Weekend) went to grad school with someone I went to high school with in Milwaukee, one of my brothers classmates in highschool was one of my NSW counselors and my high school best friend (Dave) used to be friends with my now best friend's (Claudia) friend Chris.

I guess Milwaukee is way more of a small town that I give it credit for.

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