Monday, February 9, 2009


I'm sure you're interested in seeing some pictures from the cruise, but I have about 600 pictures to go through before posting my favorites on here. Alternatively, I took a walk with Kyle the day before we left, and meant to post these pictures then..... but apparently my laziness got in the way. So before I get to the cruise pictures I'll post some Houston (and a couple Galveston pictures I edited on the boat) images.

(yes, this is Houston... sub tropical Houston)




I can't say this was my favorite dish ever... I have no problem reminding myself where my food comes from, so the whole fish wasn't the issue. I had red snapper for dinner the night before at a restaurant, and I just wasn't very into the flavor of this. Looks damn pretty though



On a personal note, I still have sea legs and feel the 'motion of the ocean' as our Captain Frank kept calling it, even though I've been on land for 24 hours, which is really disconcerting. I used the seasick patch the entire time while on the boat, and suffered all of the side affects, drowsiness, dilated pupils (I seriously look stoned in some pictures) and blurred vision (I had to use my mom's reading glasses to read the menu a few nights) but didn't suffer seasickness, which I guess is a pretty good trade off. Now, if only the world would stop swaying...

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