Friday, January 9, 2009

busy days

Of course everyone is busy during the holidays... but until you work retail, you don't know what being busy during the holidays means. January looked like Utopia the 2nd week of December. But now January isn't turning out to be a cake walk!

I'm applying for a a buyer position at the corporate headquarters.... in California. I don't have any anticipation of GETTING the job, but I think about how much I would love to help our company find great products and I can't pass up the opportunity. Anyway, it turns out I haven't prepared a solid resume in... 4 years. I did have a resume that got me a job at Wahlstrom Group, which also happened to be the 2nd worst job I've ever had (I worked at a restaurant where the family that owned it was anti-Semitic (the owner has since also had a heart-attack and died... Too bad!)). Anyway, preparing a resume is a pain the ass. Hopefully I'll have it all done before work on Monday :)

I've also been working on a project for my parents that was meant to be part of their x-mas present. I was really excited because I was literally steps away from being doing, and a HUGE wrench got thrown into the mix, and I have to start 1/2 way over. Hopefully Monday morning I'll be able to rectify some of the problems.

Anyway, since I've been DEPRIVING you of photography recently, I present to you:

an artichoke!


Pam said...

You keep alluding to this project/Christmas really have my curiosity piqued! I assume you're bringing it down when you come?

Bridget Smith said...

Oh I wish you would get that job! You would be great for it and we would see you all more often. It's much warmer here as well :). What's the news?