Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter fun in NE

I pretty much hate all things winter. I do NOT like being cold, which pretty much puts a bit of a damper on 4-5 months of my life every year. Things I do like about winter: winter coats, cute hats, boots, tights and skirts, rosie cheeks, roasted vegetables and an excuse to eat Fat (I have even more reason now) and now I can add progressive dinners to that list.

Here was the Itinerary:

Brooke and Peter's : 3pm
Amanda and Kaylie's: 4:30pm
Becky's: 6pm
Katrina's: 7:30pm
Kate and Kyle's: 9pm
Chuck and D's: 10:30pm

We did a good job of sticking to the itinerary and were actually ahead of schedule, though I think we got home at 12:30am. I don't really remember as after 6 stops you are forced into a food coma and a bit of a drunken haze. I also realized on the way to Brooke and Peter's that I had forgotten to bring my camera. But Amanda didn't'!



I had to get a few shots when we were at our house for dessert: A double layer cardamom banana cake with mascarpone frosting and caramel drizzle:
and of course some coffee.

I think our expressions do justice for how we were feeling after 6 hours of food and spirits:

The coffee gave us a revitalization and we headed to Chuck and Di's for a game of writey, drawey, foldy, some mimosas (or were they bellinis?) and some laughs.

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