Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's okay, Mom

Being in love with the president of the USA is okay. It's a really great feeling actually. One I've never felt before (there having been only 4 other presidents in my good 26 years).


I got in a TINY squabble with my mom yesterday about the presidency. She still wishes Pres Obama (he wouldn't mind if I called him Barack, right? I'll call him that. We're buds) was a lady. Not just any lady. Hilary, to be exact. And while Hilary has obviously gotten over it, my mom hasn't.

And I get it! I TOTALLY get it!

My mom is a strong woman.

One of the strongest, maybe. She has done so many unconventional things in her life to prove it. I can only hope to make her proud in the decisions I make in my life. I also hope that she can be proud of me for loving Barak Obama, not because he was the democratic candidate, but because I believe him to be the best person for the job. Not necesarily because of his experiences, but because of his ability to inspire.

I want to make America a country I am PROUD to tell people I am from while travelling in foreign lands. Too many breaths have been wasted defending America. It shouldn't need defense. It should demand respect. Respect is something I believe Barack has for this country, and for you, your black sheep of a brother, and me. He believes that this country is formed by individuals that make a whole, and that we collectively need to be responsible for this land of ours.

That's why I like Obama Mom! If he was a woman, I would be just as excited! No more, no less.

And yes, women have had a SHITTY time in the past 10,000 years, and in many parts of the world continue to.

But so has the black man.

People STILL look at black people and immediately pass judgement for no reason but the color of their skin. I don't think that happens as much to women. Maybe on a corporate or management level, but much more rarely when a woman enters a room, store or rounds a street corner. And over 10,000 years, which "minority" was elected as a president in the US first, well. Isn't a competition. A few years here or there in the grand scheme of things, isn't that big of a deal.

So it's okay, Mom. Because I feel hope! Hope so strong that it swells up deeply inside me and my eyes overflow. I didn't know what that was like until now! And I know deep inside, that is what you want for me. In a time of increasing unemployment, debt and economic downturn, hope is a damn good thing to have. Instead of the great depression, maybe we can be called the time of the great inspiration!

And Mom, what's even better than any of this, is that I can say for the first time in my life, I love my President.


Me said...

Well said Kate. There is hope yet for this country of ours.

Bridget Smith said...

Kate, your mom is pretty lucky to have an articulate daughter like you! I completely agree and had some similar discussions with my parents during the primaries.

Now my dad thinks Obama is the next FDR! Too cute!

deadlyfarce said...

January 20, January 24? What do you think about him in September?

Time tells the story. Being in love with the idea of the perfect person is a common human trait. Reality can be a let down even when the best person is the object of desire. Even feminists can be "swept off their feet" by "prince charming".

Can you objectively assess his performance?