Friday, January 23, 2009

Mort's Deli: Review

Twin Cities Eats had a pretty scathing review of Mort's Delicatessen earlier this week. They mostly were upset about the portion sizes, but they also didn't include any pictures. So I took matters into my own hands

I was interested in going to Mort's when I read about it a few months ago on the Hot Dish, and since Kyle and I were headed to Maple Grove for some Costco action (we needed new lightbulbs) and we needed breakfast, Mort's was a good choice.

The food was good.... not necessarily something I'd look to eat ANY morning, but since Kyle and I had a little bit to drink last night, the grease and large portions were great for those who had over-imbibed a little.

I'm in love with anywhere that has Tongue on their specials board:

They bring a carafe of coffee to your table and leave it there. I love this, because I hate it when my servers warm up my coffee when it's only 1/2 gone... I mostly hate it because I put things IN my coffee (cream and sweetener) and "warming it up" just gives me a bad ratio of condiments to coffee.


The coffee was pretty damn nutty. So nutty in fact, that those who don't like flavored coffee might not like it. Just a hint of hazelnut

They brought out latkes for us right after we ordered. They were awesome AND served with apple sauce and sour cream as an option. Fabulous


The interior was much nicer than I expected it to be. I know NOTHING about Golden Valley, so I have no idea if this place just popped out of no-where or used to be something else. It was pretty spacious, warm enough (but not too warm) and while it wasn't too busy, it didn't seem like it would get too loud.


Nothing like having a picture of you taken mid-bite


We both ordered the Bubby's Egg's Benedict. I realize that that means we're an old boring married couple... but I love eggs benedict SO much... and corned beef is so much better than ham anyway. The eggs were cooked perfectly, the hash browns were crisp (but needed a little salt) and the hollandaise wasn't ladled on too heavily. Not to mention the fact that it was served on an egg bagel.

Yes, the bagel was hard to cut, even with a steak knife, but it was a delicious combination.

And no, I didn't finish my portion. If I hadn't had the latke's I probably would have finished my hash browns, but I think i only let about 1/8th of a potato go to waste. We did bring the other half of my bagel, meat and egg home, and who knows if we'll eat it, but we have the option at least. Kyle did clean his plate like a big boy. If drinks weren't involved the night before, I would probably recommend splitting a plate with your dining partner

All in all, I might not make the trip unless I was in the neighborhood (or going to Maple Grove) but it was an overall enjoyable experience.

PS These are all iphone pics, so don't judge me.

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ben said...

I agree totally with the coffee ratios, just today my co-worker was giving me shit about that in the break room...........